about us

The history of the United Grace Church also known as Igreja Unida Graca E Paz is dated back to March 2002, when Bishop Carlos Roberto after going through a wilderness of persecution decided to leave the United States and go back to his native country Brazil and the purpose of his returning was to seek from the Lord new visions for his life. A week after his arrival in Brazil, whilst driving to a meeting with an accountant to see the possibility of starting a business he received a phone call from a Pastor who use to work with him and now had a Ministry in Portugal. When Bishop told him about his intention of becoming a businessman the Pastor shouted “DON’T DO THIS! Because I tried the same and almost lost my salvation.” When the Bishop heard this he immediately drove into a McDonald’s car park and continued to listen to his friend, the “Spirit of God” spoke to him and said, “THIS IS I WHO SPEAK WITH YOU” and deep down in my soul, God said,” You are chosen to preach the good news of my gospel and be fruitful.” Bishop received an invitation from his friend to join his ministry in Portugal, two weeks after being in Portugal Bishop went to London on the 23rd of March 2002 and began to search for a place in order to open a branch for the church where his friend was ministry; which he did and began to work with the Brazilian community, Honouring the commitment he had made with the leader of the ministry: However none of the promises made to Bishop were fully fulfilled, many times he had to sell his belongings to have food on the table, took the bus and the train to go everywhere to visit people, praying for the sick in the mist of many trials and tribulations, rejected and despised by people that were close to him he started a 24 hour fasting and God spoke to him “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard nor has it entered into the heart of man what God have prepared for those that love Him.” Which is 1 Corinthians 2:9 and said to him “I want you to work with the English speaking community.” He placed an advertisement in the Jamaican Newspaper, distributed 5000 leaflets and as a result of this he had two people in the first meeting but he believed in the vision. In the second week he had five people who knew him from the previous ministry and from there the number of people grew to an averaging 30 people per week participating in the service three times a week in Stockwell. Then he opened “by Faith” a small Church in the North of London, now he had an average of 50 people a week in both branches.

The Lord seeing the commitment and Faith of Bishop gave a place in Holloway Road without any help, he found himself struggling once again and in 2005 he was abandoned, no friends, no loved ones, no money; however he had a group of people in the church who were willing to go the extra mile for the vision God gave him. The church grew and in 2008 he received mandate to go into the other countries and established the United Grace Church and today from Europe to South America, Africa to the Caribbean, there are souls of this ministry both in terms of churches, associates and outreach programs and everyday God has added into the ministry.